Chris Whitty Appreciation Society

Hi, thanks for your interest in The Chris Whitty Appreciation Society products.

Unfortunately, these products are unavailable until we get on top of orders that have been placed.

If you still wish to be a member of The Chris Whitty Appreciation Society, we now have FREE digital download posters for Chris Whitty, Dr. Jenny Harries and Prof. Jonathan Van-Tam for you to download and print at home. 

Download them here 

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I got completely overwhelmed with emails after being on TV last week so have been trying to get back on top of things all week. 

Again, sorry for the delay - It’s still only me trying to organise everything in my studio and it’s been a bit manic trying to juggle that with all the usual family stuff that comes with being in lockdown.

We've been experiencing some delays with the printing company that we work with, as they've been a bit short staffed during this difficult time, sorry.

I’ve been experiencing a lot of delays during the lockdown with customs checks, courier networks and delivery logistics all suffering with complications and longer waiting times. 

I’m trying to chase up orders but am being told that everything is taking about 2-3 weeks longer than it usually would.

Please also bear in mind that I source my items from the EU, which works fine during normal times but has resulted in delays during the pandemic.

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